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Join these easy activism campaigns for you to fight back and raise your voice against corporate cultural intimidation, censoring or powerful manipulation. Unless you join us, these corporations seem to feel absolutely no resistance to their radical, divisive and partisan efforts!

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Monday, March 29, 2021

Stay Out of Politics, Facebook and Twitter!

Increasingly, Facebook and Twitter have decided to use their platforms as political advocacy tools. These companies are silencing voices who challenge the Left’s ‘woke’ narratives and agenda. While touting a devotion to “diversity,” these huge tech companies reject ideological diversity. They should not be restricting Americans who stand up against the dominant left-wing cultural elites. Instead, Facebook and Twitter should embody the time-honored American principles of free speech on their platforms.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Tell Amazon to STOP Funding Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and supporters are rioting in our streets. They are attacking law enforcement officers, desecrating houses of worship, and destroying historical landmarks. And as they loot and burn businesses in your town, they do so while enjoying the support of one of America’s largest corporations – Amazon.